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Milk and Cheerios “No surprises,” she once said to me. “I don’t like surprises."

Preakness Charm City I am honored to be your host

Rock Bottom “Fuck you, Cameron. Call me when you’re sober.”

The Joker “You have to leave. Just come here. Please. He’ll get all of you sent up the river with twenty-five year prison sentences. Get out. Just come stay here.”

Millions of them Washed Ashore Our parents told us, “Whatever you do, do not step on them.”

The cost of doing business Her looks smeared like wet lipstick after a fevered kiss.

She knew I was lying I didn’t expect her to be standing there, hands on her hips like she owned not just him, but the whole goddamned world.

Third Reich Dingo We decided on a restraining order against the Nazi and his dingo.