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Sleepless Expectations The lesson, she supposed, was that acid and celibacy don’t mix.

Holy Things Wailing devotion

Shadows "Don’t blame me. You came here by choice. You always do."

Dining Out "Once a chef caught on fire for no reason at all, which caught me off guard."

A Conversation Before Casting Away "Don't be quantifiable"

Up the Mountain They're falling. All of them, falling.

Children’s Stories "I think the gnome is cold," I said. "I'd better go get it a blanket." And she signed.

Art I find myself becoming pleasantly comfortable with my self-obsession.

Roulette I tap the glass syringe that holds the deadly green cocktail.

Not Quite There Yet For a while there I was hoping for a vision of God, because some people get them when they're starving. But nothing happened.

Editing the Dead Now they turn to me. Now they all turn to me.

Natural Reactions People don’t get it, how easily the world gives way, how little firm ground there is to stand on.

Or flight In her heart, she is jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

When Lightning Strikes Twice “That doesn’t make any sense, pop. You’re old. This time, it’ll kill you.”

Aftershocks Three cars completely overturned off the side of the road, a dozen more stuck, and we drove out of it.

There is no moral “There is a castle of strong stone on top of the hill, but it is not any safer.”

Necessary Corrections We inadvertently mistook the New York Society for Russian Literature for the Russian Mafia. We apologize for the error.

Tall Ships She’d been too nice to him. None of the women he’d trusted had ever been nice to him.

Where the Laughter Starts I must have killed somebody – I’m here, right? But what else?

Made not Born It seems to me that the most interesting, important, thoughts are the ones that only happen outside of the laboratory.

They go to the forest How clever can your child be if you want to keep him?

The next best thing to love This is the only picture of you we have, right before the bomb exploded.

In the cool People are looking at each other, confirming with strangers that we finally have a target.

The Mercenary He pulled their chariots apart wheel by wheel, and bludgeoned them to death with their own weapons.

Lasting effects Aunt Mattie was chewing a gumball when she saw Jesus.

What Matters “Did you ever find it?” I asked. “Did you ever find freedom in wild abandon?”

The Quest I can be satisfied, protecting that smile from the profound enemies of mankind.

The Fix I was less inhibited than I’d ever been in my life. I slipped the skirt off, right in front of them.

Under the Surface I’d thought I was predictable for completely different reasons.

Trusting "Maybe I was happier, but I wasn’t as happy with myself.”

Local History The Mechanical Turk started to go bad in 1995

Salvation The one good thing I had in my life, and I let it go because I wanted to sit in a shadowy alcove instead of with the rest of the kids.

Pilgrimage The monk could not find his soul.

Repose Yes, he nods, yes, what a terrible thing.

Synchronicity Everyone in this bar is a poet.

Accountability “I am going to grade your quizzes,” he said, “by tossing them into the air and seeing how far they fall. The farther they fall, the better the grade.”

Dark matters The team at the Large Hadron Collider has been trying to ‘friend’ you on Facebook for years.

Participant Observation Daniel Simons briefly ducked under his desk and was replaced with a lawn gnome.

Commencement He told my brother to treat people like you can only break them once.

Swimming Lessons I was warned to stay away from the fishermen’s kids, because they were violent and hateful and resented us for everything we had.

The New World “I’ll take your boy. I’ll do what I can."

The Messenger I drove 30 hours until I came to this field outside of Minneapolis – the last place I’d ever felt young.