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Cultivation They texted accountants while I praised rainy mornings.

Ralph’s Blemishes So it was in that place of mop handles and snails, of discarded keyboards and of plastic wrap that Ralph found himself answering Jim-Jam, saying, “I don’t know about Scooter’s blue, it’s this red that worries me.”

Jim-Jam’s Louse The twins had been caught, by Lynnie Lola, their erstwhile nemesis, and Ralph’s current girlfriend, bowling with the less-than-cool Scooter Max, Beanstock Betty, and Slugfaced Samantha.

The Unintimidatable Jim-Jam Ariel O’Neily Laboring, for free, for a ruffian twice his size, who had a horrible case of halitosis, was one thing.

Komodo Dragons, Neodymium Flakes, and English Teachers Jim-Jam O’Neily folded his Komodo dragon advertisement back into the sleeve of his Physics book.

Higher-than-Normal-Intensity Laser Canons Atkins’ ray gun’s only other use was as a unsatisfactory substitute for a Zippo lighter.

Confabulations and Covariates He ought not to be faulted that Mac and Doris’ boxing instructor had found nasty pleasure in pitting those siblings against each other.