A simple premise; a bold promise
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Soluble “You call yourself my son, but what are you?"

I Hear It Ringing But the train rings the tracks and tells ten stories, all at once.

Dreaming She’d only been put in there three times, but it seemed like fifty because of the dreams.

Waiting is the Hardest Part So many kinds of love, but they tell you if you’re not finding sexual fulfillment in fifty ways, you’d better look for a new venue.

Splitting Up She was increasingly sure she was choosing her own life over someone else’s.

Outlet You can’t sit here. I forbid it.

Repairs She sees his hair, which does not match his face.

Anybody’s “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Devon was either shouting or mouthing the words to fake her out. It was loud with the top down.

We Should Have Lunch She will not pick me out of the crowd. Not until I wave.

Tenant When I finally got inside of there you will never believe what I found.

Shelling peas “She don’t have nothing to say.”