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Family Man She got real quiet. She looked like she expected me to hit her. And then we laughed.

Prarie Flower You think because I'm a freak I have a deep, beautiful soul. I don't.

Three Generations "She's so calm it's scary"

Starting Over We satisfied each other's needs, but Gina created new desires.

A Change of Heart She ran her tongue over her lips. He knew this meant she had something serious to share.

A Bar in Omaha I feel her bare foot slipping under my pant leg. I get chills.

Quiet Desperation Don knew Mary wasn't happy. He had known that for a long time.

The Dance of the Long-Time Married I know she's wetting her top lip. She always does this when gathering her words carefully.

Fleeting Memories Did it all come down to sex? As he turned seventy, why was sex still so important to him?

Call Me Marty I miss intimacy.